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Kart Rider

Kart Rider

A Free Racing Game With A Hint Of Mario Kart

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  • Elina Qiu

    by Elina Qiu

    It keep saying there's an error.
    It keeps saying there's an error. I really wanna play this game, but I it doesn...   More

  • Elizabeth Lopez

    by Elizabeth Lopez

    It says there's an error.
    Dosent work. I downloaded it but it won't open. Hopefully, their isn't a virus.
    C...   More

  • Paulyn Marquez

    by Paulyn Marquez

    It keeps on saying ERROR.
    I just finished downlaoding it and it's already installed in my computer. Why can't I ...   More

  • Bảo Trương

    by Bảo Trương

    Good character.
    HI, I hear that this game is funny and happy. I saw on video, and it is good. But I have a probl...   More

  • Cindy Clairine

    by Cindy Clairine

    why i cant running it ?.
    i still don't know because i haven't played it yet , i can't run the game and it says t...   More

  • by Anonymous

    best game ever.
    this game is really awesome..i love it so much...i can play all the day long..   More

  • by Anonymous

    i got because j-hope played it on his birthday on v app. i love the game tho.   More